Overall design scheme

We have been paying close attention to customer needs and keeping up with market trends, from component selection to appearance design, from system function optimization to program compilation support, and are always committed to creating value for customers.

Support we provide

Hardware customization

  • •     Schematic Design
  • •     Schematic review
  • •     PCB layout
  • •     Differentiated customization

System customization

  • •     SDK customization
  • •     Kernel clipping
  • •     Driver Development
  • •     WEB system deployment
  • •     WEB system upgrade

Debug tests

  • •     Development environment provided
  • •     Development environment construction
  • •     Test environment provided

Production Deployment

  • •     Upgrade deployment
  • •     Production guidance
  • •     Mass production and on line tracking
  • •     FAE Field Support

Project Customization Process

Evaluate product requirements

Determine program requirements

Signing a project development contract

Product development, debugging and testing

Small batch trial production

Sign a mass production order

Mobile data services

We can provide customers with mobile data services, solve users' data traffic problems, and use cards without worry
And we provide main board + SIM card chip service. The main board comes with a SIM card when it leaves the factory, eliminating the need to insert the SIM card in customer side, and applying for SIM card data services in a few simple steps.

Select operator


Fully support various operators

Choose a package

Large and small data packages

Matching various needs

Online Payment

Sign the agreement to complete the payment

Sign for SIM card

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