In-depth end-to-cloud customization


We provide customers with a complete set of solutions from device to server. Customers can control the status of equipment after mass production. Our cloud management background can effectively solve equipment management problems.

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Deep customization

We can meet the various needs of different customers, and carry out in-depth transformation of the system, from hardware design to software improvement to cloud server adaptation, and tailor-made products for customers.

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Reasons for advantage

Program planning ability

We have a professional design team, from the project initiation to the design and production of the motherboard, to the debugging of the software, the review of major official certifications (CTA, mobile storage), etc., we will provide customers with one-stop service. , to help customers solve all the problems on the way to mass production. We always adhere to the principle of "result-oriented efficiency first", directly point to the essence of problems encountered, serve customers and solve problems in the best and fastest way, and fully prepare for the mass production of projects.

Production capacity

There is no need to worry about our production capacity. We have a joint venture and outsourced SMT factory in Shenzhen, and the overall production capacity of daily SMT testing is about 300K PCBA. In Jiangxi, we have a SMT factory and a complete machine assembly factory, with a daily production capacity of about 100K. There are also many outsourced processing and assembling manufacturers that cooperate with our company, which can directly assemble mobile phone, Tri-proof, military, and IoT products. A complete after-sales system provides customers with a full range of after-sales maintenance services such as main boards and complete device.

Quality Assurance Capability

Quality is the lifeblood of the company's survival and development. The company regards quality as the most important management element in strategic development, and is committed to establishing a zero-defect quality prevention system and customer-oriented processes. From customer demand analysis, product development management, supply chain management, production process management, product testing, to market sales and after-sales service, a strict quality control system has been established throughout each link, and each link is implemented in strict accordance with the requirements of quality control standards. Access the system and conduct assessments.


After-sales service

The company has a strong after-sales service team, which provides customers with professional, fast, standardized and enthusiastic technical services, is responsible for handling various user consultations, complaints and maintenance services, and provides customers with professional after-sales technical support and training.

Service Concept

With the service concept of "thoughtful, meticulous, professional and fast", we provide help to customers around the world.

Purpose of service

The complete satisfaction of customers is our service tenet.