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IoT Service Suite

Stoneoim IoT provides customers with products and services in the field of IoT, and empowers industry partners and developers to quickly build the IoT, from products to cloud services.

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Product customization

With rich experience in development and actuation, and with accurate matching of component selection, appearance design, and system programs, create intelligent products in the IoT era.

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User Services

With the goal of providing users with excellent product solutions, constantly exploring and making progress, aiming at improving user satisfaction, constantly innovating and breaking through, and leading the industry trend.

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Our Solutions

We have a complete IOT service suite

IoT device access

Device access provides safe and reliable device connection and communication capabilities to help users collect massive device data on the cloud, and the cloud can send data to devices by calling APIs to achieve the purpose of remote control of massive devices. At the same time, it provides a rule engine that is connected with many cloud products of Alibaba Cloud, helping users to quickly integrate applications

Device access

Provide equipment access solutions for different networks, such as 2/3/4G, NB-IoT, LoRa, etc., to solve the difficulties of customer network equipment access management

Communication Equipment

Provide two-way communication, open up the two-way upstream and downstream channels between the device and the cloud, and realize a stable and reliable channel for reporting and issuing instructions between the device and the cloud

Safety precautions

Provide the authentication mechanism between the device and the cloud, provide the TLS data transmission channel, reduce the risk of the device being attacked, and ensure the secure data communication

SDK release

Provide multi-platform SDK adaptation, such as Java, C, NodeJS and other languages, provide cross-platform porting manuals and strong technical support services

IoT Video Services

IoT intelligent video service provides enterprise-level customers with a large-scale video surveillance system solution for cloud-side collaboration. The core value of the product is to release intensive computing services from the cloud to the edge side, which can not only greatly reduce the cost of network pipes and computing resources , which also ensures a high-performance video AI experience for users.

IoT Device Management

Device management provides convenient and fast device management capabilities to help you quickly retrieve specified devices from a large number of devices. You can define device attributes, events, and services, and perform remote debugging, remote monitoring, and remote device based on the defined object model. maintenance, etc.

Device management

Provide device management functions such as device and cloud registration, online and offline status, message reporting, disable deletion, etc., remote management without worry

Remote debugging

Provide a complete test method, users can test the device through the background after configuring the corresponding test instructions on the device side

Remote maintenance

Based on the platform's remote control capability, it can issue commands to a single device or a large number of devices, remotely configure system parameters and FOTA upgrades and other functions

Remote monitoring

Provide device log information return interface, grasp device status in real time, such as battery power, device temperature, etc., To eliminate potential problems.

Mobile data services

Since entering the 5G era, the use of data traffic has become more and more common, and people's dependence on data traffic has also increased. For this reason, a stable data traffic service is essential, and we can also provide customers with stable data traffic services.

SIM card package

We provide mobile/Unicom/Telecom SIM card packages to save customers the trouble of data problems. At the same time, it can be bound to the main board, and the main board is compatible with the IoT card when it leaves the factory, eliminating the need for card insertion.

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